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Own a PC in the Cloud to Install and Play Any Game.


What is LiquidSky?

LiquidSky gives you a high performance gaming PC in the cloud.
Access your SkyComputer from any device and play with ultra low latency and high performance graphics.


Download & connect to LiquidSky on your PC, Mac, or Android device.
Get your first 3 hours free.



Download any of the top game titles that run on Windows.
LiquidSky can do all that within seconds with lightning internet speed.


Play & Enjoy

Experience HD quality through LiquidSky cloud service on any device.
Never upgrade your hardware again!


Benefits Gamers Appreciate

You can now experience the highest quality graphics for your favorite games
at a fraction of the cost on the device of your choice.

High Performance Hardware


Custom built servers from IBM with the best processors plus Nvidia graphics cards to provide you with high performance gaming at a fraction of the cost of owning a gaming rig.

Ultra Low Latency


Our proprietary compression algorithms deliver you the best quality graphics with the least amount of latency possible.

Android App


Access your SkyComputer from any Android device via our LiquidSky Android App. Play your favorite PC games on-the-go!



Play any games that run on Windows.
It doesn't matter if it's retro or AAA, LiquidSky can run it all!

Lightning Internet Speed


Our servers are built on the backbone of the internet providing you up to 1 GB/sec download & upload speeds.

Run Any Game with Any Mod


Your SkyComputer is a PC in the cloud
and is accessible from any device including phones & tablets.
Run your favorite games in the cloud, no expensive hardware needed!

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Data Center Locations

For the best experience it is recommended to be within 1,500 km of one of our data centers.
We are continuing to add more data centers across the world to accommodate our international user base.

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Experience LiquidSky for Free

We know you'll love gaming on LiquidSky and that's why we want you to have it for free.
Experience high performance gaming on any device in the cloud!

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